In this section you will find supporting materials for the BDA Open training courses listed below. These resources are only accessible to those who have booked to attend training with the BDA.

You will be asked to input an enrolment key for each course that you have booked to attend. These will have been sent to you by email along with the details of your booking. You will only need to input each enrolment key once for each course.

You may find it useful to print these out and bring these materials on the day of your training, although this is not mandatory.

If you are having difficulty accessing these materials, please contact

This area provides access to the online supporting materials for our Workplace Assessors Programme (Accredited Level 4), which provides the necessary knowledge and skill for candidates to be able to assess individuals with dyslexia or other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) for adjustments within the a part of our blended learning courses.

Candidates must undertake, or have already undertaken, the following modules:

In addition to the above modules, there is an assessed workbook to be completed and submitted.

Candidates will be given 12 months to complete to complete their accreditation, including undertaking all training modules (unless previously completed) and submission of their assessed workbook. Candidates must submit copies of both their completed workbook and registration form as detailed in order for their work to be marked and to receive an accreditation.

Candidates who have already completed some or all of the above modules will be entitled to a reduction in the overall cost of this programme according to the modules of study they have already completed.

The total cost for this Level 4 Accredited course (which includes the four modules listed above) is £1404 inclusive of the VAT.

Note: These resources are only accessible to those who have booked to attend this training programme with the BDA. If you are interested in attending the programme and would like further information, or to book, please contact